Wood and Furniture Industry Applications

The radiant panel heating system with water is definitely the optimal solution for heating industrial buildings where the risk of fire is high, where air and dust movement must be minimal, where the ambient temperature must be as stable as possible due to operational requirements and where wood is processed and transformed, which is expected to respond quickly to temperature changes that may occur for various reasons. In addition to the fact that the Water Radiant panel system is the most effective and correct solution for the wood and furniture industry, it is possible to save up to 100% in fuel costs, thanks to the use of waste sawdust as a result of processes, specific to this industry, as an energy source through sawdust boilers.

Another advantage of using waste sawdust as fuel is that it eliminates the need to invest in any other fuel, such as natural gas, LPG, LNG or similar to the facility. In this way, when the natural gas investment is considered, it is possible to save significant amounts of subscription fee, security fee, station costs, gas installation and similar costs. Compared to gas radiant systems, besides the operational advantages, thanks to the savings to be obtained in fuel costs due to the use of waste sawdust and the mentioned investment costs for natural gas, the payback period of the Water Radiant panel heating system investment is very short and in the long run, it can provide very serious financial gains to the business.