Renovation Projects

In today’s conditions, choosing more efficient, comfortable and low-maintenance systems instead of old, inefficient and uncomfortable heating systems in high-ceilinged buildings will provide serious advantages to the user in many respects. In this context, it is inevitable to prefer Water Radiant panel systems, especially in facility renovations with convectional heating. Unlike air systems, radiant heating allows heating the desired areas without heating the entire air volume and with very low air stratification. In this way, high air temperatures do not occur in the roof area, where the highest heat loss occurs in the building, heat is not wasted to heat the unused parts of the building, and as a result, a significant increase in comfort and fuel savings are achieved in the heated areas.

Especially in the conversion of hot water convectional heating systems to Water Radiant panel systems, since the existing boiler room (boilers, pumps, expansion tanks, etc.) and existing piping with minor revisions can be used, significant savings can be achieved in investment costs. In addition, since savings in fuel, electricity and maintenance costs will save up to 40% in the annual operating costs of the building’s heating system, return on investment in water radiant panel conversions can be between 1 and 4 years depending on operating conditions.

Neoplant Mühendislik A.Ş. has the ability to offer and apply the best project solution to its customers in all kinds of challenging conditions, with dozens of successful transformation projects it has realized and the experience it has gained.